What is Life Space?

Life space opens up your door to a vastness of space, there about you. For example, when we feel grateful for what life offers, whatever it may be, we, at that very moment open a portal, however small, to a piece of the vastness of life space. The consistency, depth, sincerity, and awareness of such gratitude, touches, envelopes, and encounters our life into the flow and wave of life space. The channel or tuning of our life intent, connects and enters within life space. Although invisible to our eye, evidence abounds within our life. Science technology measuring devices, I believe, will bear this out in the future.

There are many things that we can do to open up our life space, and vice versa, there are many things that we can do to shrink our life space. Our habitual behavior for example, can have an affect on our life space.Whether conscious or not, our habitual patterns, moment to moment and day to day, cement the closure or openness of our life space. However, a change of heart, mind, or mindful intent is so powerful, as to ply open the encasing, that like light, can illuminate a cave that has been dark for a thousand years. Our life is pliable, not fixed, and when we turn on the powerful engine of our focused intent, to move our life forward and upwards, regardless of our past, then our life space expands. My first book, “Critical Intent”, talks about the powerful antidote of having the focused intent in caring for the person in front of you. Coupled with the workings of the perceptual training addressed in critical Intent, you can penetrate to the heart and mind of the person before you, resulting in a positive transformation between you and the environment- (person before you). Critical Intent is one valuable example of how to expand your life space.

Ignorance prevails and grips us all on some level. Being open and seeking to learn and grow, will splinter the deluded grip of ignorance, bias and prejudice that clouds us all, much too often. Convenience and passivity to our place of life, rests and flat lines in a linear manner to its finite resting place. To know of the existence and possibility of life space, gives one a choice and option. Entering into an expanded life space, is my gurantee of non regret. One voice to call out and awaken others, is my readiness at the helm, to show, teach and guide one to a passage and voyage of non regret.

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