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March 10, 2020

Default Addictions

Pray that the mode of our existence has the mantle to become an armour of steel, pure, pliable, and on course to dismay and obliterate those negative tendencies that drag us down into a pit of empty value and worthlessness.
Our default addictions are too numerous to mention, too entangled to straighten, and too powerful to resist unless we bring in the mighty sword of our strength-tempered by our religion, or philosophy that unites us with an all-powerful existence that forms the basis of life itself. Our life need not be alone, we can call upon all that there is in life to enable us to slay the dark beast of our default addictions.
Those default addictions, are the tendencies of our life to base, thrive, and generate destructive waste amongst the glory of the essence of who we are. We need not talk about hard addictions here, such as drugs, gambling, sex, money, or even power addictions. We can leave those hard, identifiable addictions to the trained professionals, and healers, who have accustomed themselves to such pervasive entities. Ours is a battle of recognition, strength, and, compassion for our own life, that has lost its value amongst the decay that is surrounding us now, in this time in which we all live. Only the strength and meaning of a purposeful life, guided by the light of reason, wisdom and faith, can we muster the necessary ingredients needed to put at bay, our human nature’s tendency to descend into a pit of darkness.
My book, “Life Space,” talks about expanding our life space’s dimension, from the trappings of a self-centred self, battered by the onslaught of our default addictions, to become a person who can live with peace within themselves, their surroundings, and the life that pulsates throughout one’s existence, now, and in the future.
John M. Hunter

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